School History 校史
本校成立於1995年, 由墨爾本華人基督教會頌恩堂創辦。當時, 教會有感於華人移居墨市益增, 有需要傳福音給同胞, 因此 認定成立一所中文學校, 教會便有機會向家長和學生傳福音。2008年我校已向政府登記為按澳洲多元文化政策下核准之民族 語言學校, 宗旨是雙向的 : 不但提供優良的中文教育課程 , 而且藉此宏揚基督真道。頌恩堂中文學校仍是墨爾本華人基督 教會頌恩堂所管理之中文學校。
The School affiliated to Melbourne Chinese Christian Church Song En Tang Inc. was established in 1995. At that time The Church envisaged a trend of increasing Chinese migrants settling in Melbourne and saw the need to bring the Gospel to fellow Chinese. This was realized as the Chinese School was set up, such that The Church would be able to convey Christian beliefs to both students and parents alike. In 2008 MCCC Chinese School then decided to register itself as a community language school. The School’s central mission and aim is to provide excellent learning of the Chinese culture as well as Christian evangelism, operating under the general direction of Melbourne Chinese Christian Church.

School Objectives 學 校 宗 旨
To provide complete and better Chinese education to the community ;
To provide clear and sound concept of moral education;
To guide parents and students to experience good life values as part of the
School’s Total Education programme